WinSoft International awards a trip to the 2011 FileMaker DevCon to the grand prize winner

28 June, 2011 – WinSoft International is delighted to announce that Mr Dejan Sušnik from Data Studio has won the FileMaker Solution Developer Contest, with his business management solution Poslovanje for FileMaker. Mr Sušnik has won a trip to the renowned FileMaker DevCon in sunny San Diego, where he will be able to spend three days and four nights immersed in database solutions!

The winning solution Poslovanje is a complete business system which covers all major areas of retail store management, from wholesale to webstore integration, with mobile access for terrain sales and company management.
Bernard Giraud, FileMaker project manager at WinSoft International, explains that the winning solution was chosen because it is “a complete professional and adaptable solution. The user interface is really pleasant and easy to use and the solution combines modernity and user friendliness."

The winning solutions were chosen based on the design, ease of use of the interface, richness and functionality, the database and link structure as well as potential for the application in the target market. The 8 member jury included beta testers from the FileMaker community, WinSoft International product managers and FileMaker experts.

The WinSoft International FileMaker Solutions Developer contest has a two-tiered structure; finalists for the second part of the contest have already been selected and the winner of the grand prize of €5,000 in development support will be announced on 1 December, 2011.

For more information about the contest, please visit WinSoft International at: WinSoft International & FileMaker Developer Contest. More information about Poslovanje can be found at DataStudio » Business Software.

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