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    Question about software from an absolute beginner.

    I am a total beginner. I have a question about software but I really couldn't figure how to post in that category. Anyway, here's the question:
    I started reading a book on MySQl, and I really love the book. I also lean towards MySQL to begin my DB learning. Just in case I will find out later that for what I need to do I will have to use SQL Server -- assuming that I master MySQL, would it be terribly difficult to make a transition to SQL?

    BTW -- Can I post in other categories?

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    No two dialects of SQL are exactly the same, but for the most part they tend to stay pretty close to the ISO standard for SQL. Like most things with computers:

    1) Learning the first SQL dialect is hard because it is your first dialect.
    2) Learning the second SQL dialect is hard because it is not your first dialect.
    3) Learning the third and later SQL dialects are comparatively easy.

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