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    Question Unanswered: Creating DBspace

    I had installed informix 11.10 developer edition in windows xp.
    Without changing any of the configuration parameters, I tried to import a db.
    While executing the dbimport command, database got created, around 15 tables got created and got loaded, and then i got the following error.
    271 - Could not insert new row into the table.
    131 - ISAM error: no free disk space

    I see that there is only one db space, rootdbs and it is has only one chunk.
    I executed the following command to add chunks to it. It didn’t work.
    onspaces -a rootdbs \\.\d: -o 500 -s 500

    I executed the following command to create a dbspace. It also didnt work out.
    onspaces -c -d dbspc1 \\.\d: -o 200 -s 500

    Can someone please help? Should I give a different path? Or is there any other configuration file in which i can set these parameters?
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    your syntax in incorrect.

    to create a new dbspace:
    onspaces -c -d dbspacename -p chunkfullpath -s sizeinKb -o 0

    onspaces is not permissive at all!

    type onspaces -- and you'll get all the options

    Hope this helps

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