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    Unanswered: Moving data from SQL Server


    What is the best way to move [selected] data from a SQL Server database into a MySQL database on a table-by-table, and row-by-row basis?

    This project is a forum software conversion.

    Both of the databases are on the same Windows Server. The current SQL Server database is 2362.94 megabytes (2.3 gigabytes) in size.

    This isn't a simple conversion of one type to another - I would like to "single out" and "sort out" which columns from which tables I need.

    Just a question, and I appreciate any replies.

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    First of all, I think you perhaps ask how to copy (not move) data? Anyway, the process is pretty similar, except for the fact that a move operation would need to delete the old data as well. There are some options here, like for instance using a tool like bcp or SSIS to extract the required data to a file, and then import it using standard tools in MySQL. Personally, I would have had a look at SSIS and used it, it is an ETS (Extract, Transform, Load) tool after all. Here you can extract the data from your SQL Server, transform the data as needed (like changing data types, do calculations, basically "whatever"), and then finally load the data into your MySQL database. Note that you will need a supported MySQL driver, but as far as I remember there is one publicly avaialble from now.
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