I am new. New to this forum and quite new to databases. I have learned a bit about relational databases, design requirements etc., but have only played a little with SQL and PHP queries.

In my current job, I need to make record of customer contacts. This is currently done on paper - very inefficient. Thus I am looking for a way to create a database that contains the following information on each customer company:
-basic information (address, phone etc.)
-contact names (with individual phone and email)
-record of dates when spoken to/visited and notes about each visit
-a function to make a note of when to contact next time, with a reminder
-a search function

I'm sure there is software available that does exactly that and more, but I would like it to be cheap or free, not to complicated, and able to make the database available to other users. I've googled and found some CRM suites, but they are way too complicated. Is there maybe some ready-made online solution? Or would MS Access be sufficient? Are there customizable templates available, for a user-friendly GUI?

Sorry if it all sounds a bit stupid. Just hoping for some answers.

Thank you in advance