Hi to everyone,

I'm new on this forum so I'll introduce myself. My name is Marc and I'm studying computer science at the Barcelona's univeristy.

I have a question related with the config of a system in a little company. The company sells products (the info about the product doesn't matter at all). The point is that they've asked me for setting the data base but well, I'm still studying at college and I don't know where to start. I was thinking that having a RAID system is necessary if they want to have a reliable DB... may a 0+1 level be suitable? So I should ask for two HD of the same size. They're starting and It's a very little company, for now... So 500Gb each will be enough. What do you guys think?
Also, which SO do you recommend for hosting the data base? And what database management system? I like the free software philosophy so I will make a more specific question: what distribution would you choose?

If anyone could tell me about any good book about this topic. Or may be an online tutorial.. Any useful information will be apreciated.

Anyway, thanks for your attention.