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    Cool Unanswered: joining two different database server

    Hi pal,

    Is it possible to join two different from tables from two different database server.I come to know that its possible through linked server. So please can help me how to do this process with an example as well as with the stored procedure.

    please can any one help me out to do the work as early as possible.

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    Joining data between server

    Hi Caroll,

    You can definitely do this. To setup the linked servers, you can go Management Studio -> Server Objects -> Linked Servers. Right click on it and create a new link. The wizard is pretty straight forward.

    To run the query, preface your table names like the following:

    SELECT *
    FROM server1.database1.dbo.table1 t1
    JOIN server2.database2.dbo.table2 t2
    ON = (whatever you happen to be joining on)

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