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    Unanswered: Db2Haicu? on windows 2008 "not recognized"

    Ive been trying to turn on automation for NIC failover (Virtual Ip address) for HA for an application db2 9.7 on server 2008.

    For two databases 1(win2008) and 2(win2008).

    HADR works well Primary -> secondary in peer. Beautiful.

    the issue is db2haicu doesnt work i mean i get nothing! (from doco example!)

    1. db2pd –hadr –db database name (works fine!)

    2. preprpnode hadr01 hadr02 (does nothing!)

    3.db2 update alternate server for database
    hadrdb using hostname port 55445 (works fine!)

    'db2haicu' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file." (does nothing!)

    I cant find anything online about this issue what have i missed db2haicu will not start!

    any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    afaik db2haicu does not exist for Windows.
    IBM DB2 9.7 for Linux, UNIX and Windows Information Center

    And also
    Restriction: You can install and run Tivoli SA MP on Windows Server 2008 systems only if they are not members of a Windows domain. Windows Server 2008 systems that are members of a Windows domain are not supported.
    IBM DB2 9.7 for Linux, UNIX and Windows Information Center

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    You get these agents packaged only with 9.7 FP4. earlier versions - you must get from the info centre

    I have used only the db2 9.5 tsa agents for windows(as documented in the pdf above). That had a few bugs/limitations.

    One of them was the absence of PEER WINDOW ONLY usage in the hadr start script.

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    Thanks and reading...

    Thankyou so much for your help everyone.

    Im reading and testing Tivoli Systems automation as an option using HADR appreciate the help.


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    On Windows it is recommended to use Microsoft Cluster Server as the cluster management solution.

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