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    Unanswered: Substring of data prior to a specified character type

    Hi All,

    Can anyone help me with a query I have been trying to get right, I am trying to select a substring of data which should return all data prior to the 3rd hyphen in the value.

    An example value would be JONES-01-CW-NSFT-TEST1 and I would like my substring to return all data before the 3rd hyphen, in this case:


    But the catch is I need to consider there could be more charcaters before that hypen than the value above, ie:

    THOMPS-011-CWE-NSFT-TEST1 should return THOMPS-011-CWE

    Can anyone help with this as my brain is starting to hurt a little?

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    Quote Originally Posted by roac View Post
    I have been fiddling around with the CHARINDEX function already and I don't seem to be grasping it it appears.

    I have tried various connotations and im not even getting close as I cant get the substring to look at the 3rd hyphen, it only seems to work from the first.

    The basis of my query is below and the field data it returns is the full field minus the first 3 characters...

    How can you specify for it to look from the 3rd hyphen within a substring?

    select substring(field1,
    charindex ('-', field1)-1, LEN(field1))
    FROM table1

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    ROAC pointed you in the direction of your solution.

    If you look at the last example in the link that ROAC pointed you to, it demonstrates how to find the second occurrance of a space.

    You want to find the third occurance of a hypen.

    Second occurance of a space, third occurance of a hypen, sound pretty close to the same logic.

    Look at the example and you'll see the answer.


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