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    Unanswered: Employee scheduler

    Hello ,

    I am new to both dbforums and even in using Access 2010.

    I am trying to do a shift schedule for about 15 employees, we have two shifts ( one empoyee / shift) every day except in Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays where we have just one.
    The thing is that i need to send request to all the employees where they can specify which shifts they can work and which they dont, write an explanation why they cant, in the end it is me or decide who will work when , and send it back to them and also to others in pdf format. It should be also easy to edit the schedule if some one get sick or something.

    I am totally new in Access,

    Should i continue to try to do it in Access?
    Should i try something else ?
    Any ideas or suggestions?

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    personally I'd try to do it Microsoft Project using the email request, but then again where Im working we all have access to outlook as an email client
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    Dr G, There are a few systems out there designed to do something similar such as Genesys Workforce Manager, IEX Totalview, QMax & quite a few others. But i'm not sure whether the cost would justify the return for just 15 people.

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