Hi all,

I'm trying to connect with Php to Hyperfile SQL databases. It actually works under Apache, but I've got the following error message under IIS :

"Le pilote spécifié n'a pas été chargé en raison de l'erreur système 5 : SQL state IM003".

Which means in english : "Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 5 : SQL state IM003" (Access is denied.).

Here is the connection string :

PHP Code:
$connect = ("$host""$user""$password");

$requete "SELECT * FROM clients";
$data odbc_exec($connect,$requete); 
I just started with IIS and Web programmation, so I require your help. I personnally think about IIS' rights.

Some information : Windows server 2003, IIS 6. Drivers are successfully installed (I can export databases to excel).

Thanks in advance,


PS : I'm french. Sorry for my english.