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    Unanswered: problem of importing IBM DB2 Content Manager

    I work with IBM DB2 Content Manager v 8.4. I have a problem when inserting documents via the IBM DB2 Content Manager Client for Windows. The search and retrieval of documents is normally quick .Except that the insertion of documents so longer and the integration takes longer than 2 minutes.
    Maybe I need to maximize the memory size at the tablespace or ........

    If anyone has a track how to resolve it

    thank you

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    Increase the log-level to the max. Now you can see the all the API calls together with the generated SQL and the time spend. If the time is not lost during SQL processing then DB2 does not need extra attention.
    Do not forget to put the log-level back because of the performance penalty.

    b.t.w. this if for v8.3 but still usefull

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