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    Question Unanswered: Having trouble sorting records by date in a subform.

    I am having trouble using the OrderBy command in Access 2003.

    I have a database that has a table named "Group Request Information." I have a form that is based on that table called by the same name. In the form I have a subform named "Request History". The form and subform are attached by the group name.

    The request history subform shows each record from the "Group Request Information" table that applies to the group I currently have pulled up on the form.

    So on the form I type in the name of the group. In one subform it shows contact info for that group. In the other subform it shows each previous entry for that group.

    I want to sort the history by date with the most recent date at the top. For some reason it will not sort and stay sorted. I can use the sort buttons in access but i want it to automatically stay sorted. The subform is based off the form not a query.

    I have tried a number of options in the OrderBy field but it doesn't seem to be working. Any suggestions

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    I think i got it fixed. Just needed to play with it until i got the code just right.

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