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    Unanswered: Data format in extracted csv file

    I am using bcp in ms sql to extract data from a view .One of the field in my view has data with carriage return key and hence the output csv file is not in format as expected. can any body let me know any way to replace this return key in the text data by some char and get the entire data in one line.

    and if possible will have to use mssql select query for the view and not a procedure.


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    declare @text varchar(200)
    select @text='This is a test of replacing carriage returns.
    Did it work?
    If this is all on one line, then it did.
    select replace(replace(@text,char(10),''),char(13),' ')
    Note - this assumes the control character is actually CRLF. If it's just one or the other you may have to adjust accordingly.
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    Kit Lemmonds

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