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    Unanswered: SQL server multiple Ip address

    I just migrated a sql database to a new Virtual Machine server.In part of the migration I had to change the default ip address of the new Virtual Machine server to the old ip address of the SQL server. Additionally I had to add a new NIC with a different ip address for a different application. So my SQl server has two different ip address on the same network.

    The problem I am running into is that clients keep getting Fatal DB error: unable to connect to ODBC source! as they are resolving the SQL ODBC drivers via the server name and not the ip address.So I end up changing the ODBC drivers to listen to the old ip address of the SQL server and it works.I removed the other ip address from the DNS server and unchecked the DNS registration from network properties but it is still not working.

    But I was wondering is there any way I can make the SQL server listen on both the ip address of the server? I checked the SQL server network configuration and the TCP/IP properties listen all says yes.

    I believe the only thing I have not done is reboot the sql service after the install of the new NIC. I was wondering if this would fix the issue or would I need to make changes under the ip address tab of SQL network configuration to add the additional ip address manually?

    Thanks for all your help !!!

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    You do not have to reboot, but as far as I remember the SQL Server services must be restarted.
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