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    Unanswered: TSM configuration in DB2 servers

    We are using DB2 v8.2 on AIX v5.3 for one of our applications. We had an log directory & failover log archive path full issue which resulted into an application crash. Can we use two TSM servers, just like one as primary and standby in DB2 just like HADR or HACMP?

    Is it possible to switch the TSM servers from primary to standby when application and DB are up/online? Can we archive the db logs & DB Backups to TSM when TSM switchs from primary to standby?
    Can we setup this process automic rather than manually or through scripts?
    We want to send the DB logs and backups to other(for example:- Standby) TSM server rather than failover log archive path whenever Primary TSM server is down.


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    I guess this is more a TSM question than DB2.

    Within DB2, you can setup one or two archive log locations. Even if you set two locations, logs will be archived to both locations and they are not pri/standby.

    If TSM can handle the failover , and be reachable using the same 'connection parameters' db2 will not have a problem,
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