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    Unanswered: Best Method to Update Fields?

    Hi all,

    I've got an access database with two tables,

    a company table holding company info, Company ID, Name, Phone, Description etc

    and an Address table, address ID, Address 1,2,3, PostCode - the address table remains static but the company info can change on a regular basis, ie move address.

    Whats the best method to auto populate address fields in the company table from the address table? so its easily searchable using the existing built in search feature in access?

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    You should never duplicate values among several tables. Use a Query joining both tables instead.
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    My original thinking was a subform with a pulldown to pre-populate the sb with the correct address which would make it easily changable if the company moves but that would mean having to build a search & results page based on the query covering both tables which I currently dont have time to do or the ability (but if thats the answer then i shall start researchng).

    Or is there a way to search the subform for a specific address and call up the related company without building an extra search and resluts screen?

    Am I right in thinking that the access built in search will only search the subform records relating the parent record thats selected?

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