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    Unanswered: Is there any way to organize or group schemas inside an instance?


    I'm using TOad and Oracle 11g.

    I have a lot of shemas inside an instance... How to organize them?
    What I see is a long list of schemas which could be difficult to manage if number of schemas grows up... For example, I'd like to group Schema_1, Schema_2 and Schema_3 in something like Group_1, so it could be seen more organized.

    • Schema_1
    • Schema_2
    • Schema_3

    Sometimes a java or .net application uses 3 or 4 schemas... these schemas are in the same instance which has other schemas for other applications.
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    >I have a lot of shemas inside an instance... How to organize them?
    alphabetically using ORDER BY clause
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    Of course, I can use an Excel to organize schemas, but my question is if Oracle offer some functionality to do it.

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    Not in the way you are asking. How many schema s do you have, I currently have about 53000 and I have no problems maintaining them.
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    53000... wow! How do you manage them?

    I mean, I use Toad, listing dropdownbox of Schemas looking for the schema that I need to enter it's quite annoyance for me, even if that list is sorted alphabetically.

    Maybe it's just me and I should access schemas in different way.

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