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    Unanswered: programming advice please

    I need advice on what best I should create my application on.

    Access 2007, VB6? i also have C# etc but find the language difficult.

    Application needs to pick up data from database, generate reference numbers, have a user list storing their address etc, and also ability to create reports based on the data stored.

    Any help appreciated.

    I've been told SQL is the way forward but don't have a clue about that and prefer using access.

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    if your dilemma is whether to use SQL or no, then your problems arte over. Access uses SQL to manipulate data. you may not see the SQL~ but its lurking there.

    as to what you should develop in, thats up to you, up to your experience, your capacity to learn, available time and so on.

    you should also add to this list whats right for your organisation

    if this is an adhoc low user db, and all users have access to copies of Access then Access is fine for this, but bear in mind Access applciations unless designed properly for multi user use using unbound controls & recordsets talking to a server db will choke somewhere aorund 15..30 users.

    Access has a great reporting tool.

    VB6 is just as good, except you have to do more of the grunt work.

    VB6 is long since on the path to obsolescence, meaning it may becoime trickier to maintain over time, and the DLL's it needs may not be supported in future releases of Microsoft OS's. VB.NET and C#.NET are on a pathway to merge into the same or simialr language.
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