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    Question Need a push in the right direction....

    I am looking into starting a new database for my inventory for an eCommerce business and was looking for some recommendations. I have three different sales tools that I would eventually like to automate. This is what I currently have going on right now:

    1. I sell on eBay, user name SouthPriced (shameless plug....) (using Turbo Lister...which can import from csv)
    2. I have a standalone website ( This uses OS Commerce (written in PHP, using mySQL). I have installed an add on that allows me to import from a csv file.
    3. I sell digital Magic the Gathering Online cards with a third party automated bot that exports the cards to a csv every time a change is made.

    I would like to get a database with my entire inventory all in one place, with the ability to export the data to a csv file, to fit the requirements of each sales tool. I am pretty sure I can figure that out, but what I am really looking for is something that will automatically update every hour or so. So if I sell a digital card on the automated bot, it will automatically update the database, and then on my standalone site and/or my eBay store.

    I am a novice programmer, with experience in C/C++, some Java, but not much PHP. I am more than willing to learn what I need, but was wondering what type of database platform would be recommended for such an endeavor. I am assuming I am probably going to be stuck with mySQL as that is what OS Commerce uses, but wanted to be sure. Any other hints or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for reading

    Mark Southwood

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    Question Update

    I completely forgot that I would also like for this all to link to quick books eventually for complete automation.
    I know this is a lofty goal, but I am sure it is possible.

    Thanks again.

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