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Thread: DLookup syntax

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    Unanswered: DLookup syntax

    I have a DCount on a textbox on a form that is
    supposed to pull up the number of delegates scheduled or invited (status 1 or
    2) form a table tbleventdelegate. I have the following code:
    =DCount("[Status]","tblEventDelegate","[EventID]=" & [Forms]!
    [frmMainNavigation]![NavigationSubform]![EventID] & "AND [Status]=1 and 2")

    this only gives me 1 record when I can see there are 2 records one with a
    status of 1 and one with 2. I tried 1 or 2 but that brought up all the
    records and I tried 1,2 but that gave me a #type error in the box. I even
    tried 1 +2 but that only gave me 1 result on one record of the tbale
    presumably because there is a rceord with a status of 3 for it. I'm sure this
    is an easy solution but I can't find the answer. Thanks in advance to anyone

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    Resolved elsewhere:

    =DCount("[Status]","tblEventDelegate","[EventID]=" & [Forms]![frmMainNavigation]![NavigationSubform]![EventID] & " AND ([Status]=1 or [Status] =2)")

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