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    Unanswered: Ip address for LAN only


    I am trying to get IP address from local computer. I came accross the function "getipaddresses", it works good. Only problem is it gets all the available ip address (even the vpn ip address, when connected). I just need ethernet adapter local area connection ip address (NOT MAC address).

    I tried to read the function, but new to programing so cann't understand the steps in detail. Is there any other way to get the ethernet adapter IP address only?

    Any help is really appreciated.


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    I've been using this for a while. I have absolutely no idea what it means but it worked, so I never questioned it.

    On a form I have

    Private Sub Command01_Click()
    Me.Text01.Value = GetIPAddress
    End Sub
    You also need to put a larger piece of code onto a module but since it's so long I've attached it as a txt document. Create a new module and paste the lot into it.
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