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    Unanswered: Database design question


    I have a new project i am starting and i am not to sure about the layout of the database.

    Basically it is a project for recording high scores from flash games.

    So the developer would come along and create a game and he would then fill out high score fields and select the type of data they would hold.

    I originally though the best way to do this is each created game gets its own table created and then the columns are named the same as the high score fields.
    Then a user submits a score and gets recorded in the game database with their high scores.

    Initially this seemed a good layout but if this grew popular(it's not actually going to be used, just a project for school) then i could end up with 1000's of tables in my database.

    So i am guessing some sort of relational database is what i am after but i can't see how i can design it and keep it economical and not repeating data lots.

    Any help would be great.


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    You could use MySQL with the MySQL Workbench. It is an excellent tool to design a DB. Its also opensource, so cost is negated. If your looking for a more robust package you could also try the MySQL Cluster OpenSource.

    Good Luck.

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