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    Unanswered: MySql Event scheduler should be ON Permanently

    I want, event scheduler to be ON always. In the net I found the solution(Procedure).

    As they told, to write event_scheduler=on somewhere under the [mysqld] section in the default mysql config file, usually /etc/my.cnf

    First of all I didn't get the file my.conf in my machine(searched the whole machine). After search the whole machine I got my.conf.bak, my.cnf.old and one more file My (File Type is SpeedDial)

    So I have added the code (event_scheduler=on) in my.conf.bak file. And I have restarted the Mysql service also.
    But still the Event_scheduler is OFF.

    Thanks in advance

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    Are you on Windows or Linux? And what version of MySQL are you running?
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    you may need to stop the MySQL service, then make changes to the config file, then restart the MySQL service. Not saying MySQL does, but some software does write back its configuration on closing.
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    Oh, man. How many times I have found the problem to be a necessary shutdown/reboot!! And, I still scratch my head sometimes before I realize it.

    Good advice!

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