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    Unanswered: Have message box pop up when a field is not null

    I have a database which is used for assigning property that needs inspected, I have a master table called 'reval 2012' which stores all properties that needs inspected and three other tables for each property inspector. When assingning parcels that need inspected to a property inspector, the "Field_Person" field in reval 2012 gets updated with that inspector initals for the piece of property which tells me this property was assigned to this inspector. What I'm trying to do is have a message box pop up when assinging a property that has already been assigned to an inspector using 'not isnull' for the field_person field meaning if the field is not blank then don't assign this parcel again and let the user know this property has already been assigned.

    Clear as mud?


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    You can try
    If Not IsNull([Field_Person]) Then ...
    or you can try
    If Nz([Field_Person]," ") > " " Then ...
    I prefer the latter, but different strokes...


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