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    Unanswered: Listbox selection to pass info to new form

    Hello All!!!

    I tried searching for an answer to this question to no avail. I have a form, frmIssueEdit and on this form I have 10 combo boxs that a user can use to select and this filters the selections they can make in a list box. I have added an "On double click" event so that when the user finds the entry they want to edit they can then double click this entry and it opens a new form. What I would like the new form to do is automatically populate the information provided in their selection into the new form so that all the original information is pre-filled. I would like this information to populate in the same 10 combo boxs, but on a new form where they can edit it if they must. I appreciate any help with this and can provide more information should it be needed...thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!

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    while I don't fully follow what you seek; generically speaking - a new form opening can "call" data from an existing open form. field by field i.e.


    you can put this stack of code in the OnCurrent event or Open event.

    Hope it helps.
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