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    Unanswered: Sort in Report based on expression

    I am using Access 2010. I have a report linked to only one query. There is one header called "vendor name" which the records are grouped on. Also in this header, is an expression to sum the vendor dollar amount. Currently, the report sorted alphabetically by vendor. My intent is to sort the report by the sum of vendor dollar amount. Can anyone help?

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    I use Access 2000 (still), but it seems to me that you need to change the "Vendor Name" header to a "Vendor Total" header.
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    assuming you want to retain bith reports consider changing the sort order on the fly when you open the report based on a parameter either supplied as part of the call to open the report (the arguments bit of docmd.openreport) or pull the parameter from a form
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    Imagine the report looks like this:

    Vendor PO Number Vendor Amount

    ABC Industries $150,000
    PO1234567 $50,000
    PO9876543 $100,000

    XYZ Industries $250,000
    PO5433667 $150,000
    PO1321395 $100,000

    The vendor name and total vendor quantity (the number to the right of the vendor name) are in the vendor header. The individual PO numbers with the associated individual vendor amounts are in the detail section.

    The problem: I do not understand how to sort the report by the total vendor amount. As you can see from the report above, the report is sorted alphabetically by vendor name. However, in this case, I want XYZ industries to appear at the top of the list because $250,000 is a greater number than $150,000.

    What other information can I provide to help you help me find an answer to this problem?

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