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    Unanswered: Query Percent calculation

    Hello. I have created a DB to manage our projects (ATM installations). Once a week a summary report is provided to upper management giving them the status of each project. On this summary report they want to see a "percent complete". This percent is derived from the status fields (approvals, ordered, received, ready to ship, and completed). These fields are check boxes on the data entry form. Each of these should be equivalent to 20% so when all are checked the project is 100%. I am at a loss at how to create a query that will look at all 5 fields and return the appropriate completion percentage. Thanks in advance!

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    Here's a hint. Boolean values can be calculated mathematically. A Boolean "True" has a value of -1 (FF hex), and a Boolean "False" has a value of 0.

    Or you can add up all the "True" fields in each record, and divide them by the maximum of 5. 3 "Trues", then, would be 3 / 5, or 60%.

    There are many ways...


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