1.5 Functional Support Services – FM DQS Database


1.5.1 Maintain the FM Data Quality Service (DQS) database, ensure access by

individual query, and download capability. Map the source data into the target format (e.g.

exposure) necessary for acceptance by all future systems solutions

1.5.2 Develop and maintain the FM DQS exposure service for Legacy systems (e.g.

FIRST, ABIDES, AFM, GAFS-BL), financial ERP’s (e.g. DEAMS, ECSS, AF IPPS), and other

functional ERP’s needing financial data element validation

1.5.3 Ensure access, control, certification, and compliance for FM DQS and DQS

exposure service is compliant and meets all applicable requirements

1.5.4 Expand FM DQS and develop the capability for translating a legacy line of

accounting to a Standard Financial Information Structure (SFIS) line of accounting. This will be

used for all Legacy systems that interface with to be or ERP systems.

1.5.5 Review and analyze plans and procedures for data clean up, conversion and

translations services in the AF environment. The Contractor shall assist FM in evaluating options

and plans for the conversion preparation and execution

1.5.6 Recommend and support methods and approaches for documenting and sharing

data/information for the use of IT and non-IT assets.

1.5.7 Assist FM in determining sources of data to be converted