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    Unanswered: Creating an Appointment System/Scheduler / Diary System


    I have created a database which is a ,file management system, or a solicitors firm.
    It does the following:

    1) Store client details
    2) Do time recording
    3) Prepare invoices

    Now they have asked me to integrate an appointment booking system into the database.

    Basically, it needs to be able to Select a client and allocate them an appointment(date/time).

    Can someone please give me a some tips on how to start?

    I'm thinking about creating a table to collect the data i need and then produce a form?!
    I cannot think of an appropriate form design for this, so if someone could possibly show me an example i would really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance


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    A one-to-many join on the client to the appointment table. Or if you're inporting direclty into a field in the client table. There's a couple of different ways. Depending on how you have it setup, the append queries will be key.
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