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    Unanswered: DB2 Install error

    I just attempted to install DB2 ESE 9.7 on a Linux machine

    I ran ./db2setup and choose the typical options, and then let it run, below is my selections summary:

    Product to install:                        DB2 Enterprise Server Edition 
    Installation type:                         Typical 
    Previously Installed Components:        
    Selected Components:                    
        Base client support                    
        Java support                           
        SQL procedures                         
        Base server support                    
        IBM Software Development Kit (SDK) for Java(TM)    
        Connect support                        
        Communication support - TCP/IP         
        Replication tools                      
        Control Center                         
        DB2 data source support                
        DB2 LDAP support                       
        DB2 Instance Setup wizard              
        DB2 Update Service                     
        First Steps                            
        Sample database source                 
            All Products                       
    Target directory:                          /opt/ibm/db2/V9.7
    Space required:                            894 MB
    Install SA MP:                             Yes 
    New instances:                          
        Instance name:                         db2inst1
            Start instance on reboot:          Yes 
            Instance user information:         
                User name:                     db2inst1
                Group name:                    db2iadm1
                Home directory:                /home/db2inst1
            Fenced user information:           
                User name:                     db2fenc1
                Group name:                    db2fadm1
                Home directory:                /home/db2fenc1
    DB2 Administration server:              
        Instance user information:             
            User name:                         dasusr1
            Group name:                        dasadm1
            Home directory:                    /home/dasusr1
    Response file name:                        /root/db2ese.rsp
    When I came back to my screen, the install GUI was not there, and I did not have a complete installation. I could not log into db2inst1.

    I could log into dasusr1, I logged in, the das subdirectory was there, but the db2admin was not started

    Below is my response file:

    inst1.NAME       = db2inst1
    inst1.GROUP_NAME       = db2iadm1
    inst1.HOME_DIRECTORY       = /home/db2inst1
    inst1.PASSWORD       = 175418540193694175665374221541723441635522826243368553443304525264932113512844409525293
    ENCRYPTED       = inst1.PASSWORD
    inst1.AUTOSTART       = YES
    inst1.CONFIGURE_TEXT_SEARCH       = NO
    *  Fenced user
    inst1.FENCED_USERNAME       = db2fenc1
    inst1.FENCED_GROUP_NAME       = db2fadm1
    inst1.FENCED_HOME_DIRECTORY       = /home/db2fenc1
    inst1.FENCED_PASSWORD       = 254129234592675241808264723951655545295471455015231624305461336522160442233262143235468
    *  Installed Languages
    LANG       = EN
    *  SA MP Base Component
    What should I do to fix this.

    Should I delete all files from the /opt/ibm/db2 and install again ?


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    Check db2setup.log, db2setup.err files ( db2setup_username.log for non-root installation ) in /tmp directory for setup log and errors.


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    The /tmp/db2setup.log contained the following:

    DB2 Setup log file started at: Thu 14 Jul 2011 03:46:43 PM EDT EDT
    ================================================== ==========

    Operating system information: Linux 2.6.18-238.el5.#1 SMP Sun Dec 19 14:22:44 EST 2010 x86_64

    DB2 Setup log file finished at: Thu 14 Jul 2011 04:49:26 PM EDT EDT
    ================================================== ==========
    The /tmp/setup.err existed, but did not contain any data

    I looked for the db2_deinstall, and found the following:

    [root@HX20-12 /]# cd /
    [root@HX20-12 /]# find . -name db2_deinst*
    How should I proceed at this point.

    1> Should I deinstall

    2> Which one of those deinstall commands should I use

    3> Should I skip deinstall and just delete /opt/ibm/db2 ????


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gideon22 View Post
    I could not log into db2inst1.
    What happens when you try to login as db2inst1? Can you "su - db2inst1" from root? If this is successful, try to start the instance.

    Try the following commands: db2ls, db2ilist

    You can also try creating a new instance using db2icrt.

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