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    Database Normalization

    how to normalize a database upto BCNF if you are given relational schemas. For example how can i normalize the following schemas upto BCNF.....

    suppliers( supplierID, CompanyName, contactName, contactTitle, address, city, postalCode, country, phone,

    fax, email, url, paymentMethod, typeGoods, logo )

    products( productID, supplierID, categoryId, productName, unitPrice, color, size, unitInStock, picture )

    category( categoryId, categoryName )

    order( orderID, customerID, paymentID, ShipperId, orderDate, shipDate, PaymentDate )

    orderDetails( orderDetailId, orderId, productId, unitPrice, quantity, total )

    payment( paymentId, paymentType, allowed )

    shippers( shipperId, CompanyName, phone )

    customers( customerId, firstName, lastName, address, city, postalCode, country, phone, email, creditCard, creditCardTypeId, cardExpMo, cardExpYr, BillingAddress, BillingCity, BillingPostalCode, BillingCountry, ShipAddress, ShipCity, shipPostalCode, ShipCountry, DateEntered )

    please explain in details....

    thanx in advance

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    wow, what a lot of information

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