Hi All,

I would like to know is there any option available in Oracle where i can define centralized network storage location with ASM for all my independent database running in different machine and different platform.

Example :

DB Server1: Solaris Oracle 11g
DB Server2: RHEL Oracle 11g
DB Server3: Solaris Oracle 10g
Db Server4: RHEL Oracle 10g

where all above databases are independent and would be using ASM for below storage location winch will be used by all above database.

Network Storage : NETStore1:One Disk Of 2TB

In Case of Possibility I have below questions :

1) For above scenario what would be the configuration, will be the ASM instance running all the DB servers on any of one DB Server will be Ok?
2) Can we configure ASM instance separately in different machine which will be accesible for all DB servers?

Any info, Link or article would be helpful.