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    Unanswered: Link results of multiple queries in single query


    Apologies if I have missed an earlier thread on this topic, it may be that I haven’t worded my search criteria correctly!

    I'm having an issue with a database that I am trying create which is designed to log and report on the success of audits across various teams (with each team having separate tables due to differing audit criteria) with the goal of creating a report that summarises the success of the agents across all teams at the end of the month.

    There is one constant between all these teams and that is the names of the agents -as they flex between teams all the agents are listed in each audit table. Therefore I have created a table for agents and linked this into each of the individual team tables.

    I have written individual queries for each team which generates an audit score for each agent. However, I cannot seem to create a query that joins all of these scores (linked by the agent name).

    Ideally what i would like to get to is a query that takes from several queries and goes along the lines of Name,Audit Type 1 Score, Audit Type 2 Score, Audit Type 3 Score, and so on.

    So far i have attempted SQL (Using my very basic understanding) and also sub reports, as well as the conventional query building functions but cannot, for the life of me, get these audit scores to link back to the agent’s name. Where am I going wrong?????

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    You could try:
    SELECT * FROM <Query1> 
    SELECT * FROM <Query2>
    SELECT ...
    Have a nice day!

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