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    Roster Table Design

    Hi there,

    Im trying to construct a PHP/MYSQL rostering system. I have a table for the employees, I have a table for the Locations, I have a table for the Roster. What im not sure about is how recurring events would automatically fill the roster?

    In general the employees would have a recurring roster which they would request a change of roster if they wanted to occassionally change their work dates. So would i run a cron job that would automatically take entries from a recurring_roster table and update it into the roster table and then the emloyees would submit a request for change to the request_roster table? and not update the roster until the request was approved?

    Does anyone have any links/info? Im sure this would be the same sort of thing for recurring entries in any calendaring software but i cant seem to find any tuts that match.

    Would appreciate any help at all.

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    heres a basic tutorial just in case anyone else has been looking for something

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