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    Unanswered: GetColor function for multiple users

    I have been using a simple "get color" function in Excel 2003 so that I can sort by color, sum by color, etc. By this I mean, I have an extra column in my spreadsheet where I type in =GetColor(A2) for example, and it gives me the color number. This works great for me, but now I am leaving for maternity leave and need to pass over my spreadsheet to another user. In fact, there will be up to 3 people that will be making changes in this file. I am having trouble getting that function to work for them also. When they save the file, it returns a #name error. Is there something else I can put in the code to get it to work for whoever opens the file?

    Thanks so much!

    This is the function I am using:

    Function GetColor (Mycell as Range)

    GetColor = Mycell.Interior.ColorIndex

    End Function

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    Where is the GetColor() function saved? Is it in your personal.xls?

    For others to be able to access it, you need to put it in a standard code module in the workbook they use. If you want them to be able to use it in multiple workbooks, then your best bet will be to create an xla add-in.

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    Thank you for your reply. How can I tell where it is saved? I went to insert Module to put it in the workbook, does that help? Sorry, I'm not the best with this sort of stuff.


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