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    Unanswered: INSERT wtith Identity Scope for a For Loop

    I have a similar thread about Linked Tables but felt that this should be a new thread because it's a whole different topic.

    I am trying to insert into three SQL Server tables. The first insert will go into the Audit table so it can generate an Audit_ID. Then using that Audit_ID, I will run a For loop to insert (Audit_ID, Auditor) into the Auditor junction table and (Audit_ID, Auditee) into the Auditee junction table. I believe the For loop is necessary because the Auditors and Auditees values come from a listbox.

    I have some VBA code below but I am now stuck. I also put a SQL Server transaction (if it could be used at all).

    So my question is: how can I retrieve the @@Identity (Audit_ID) and use it in a For loop?

    Thank you all for your help! If I figure this out, this will become a turning point for my work project and make my boss happy !!

     On Error GoTo Err_test
        Dim strSQL As String
        Dim Group As String
        Dim Year As Integer
        Dim Quarter As Integer
        Dim i As Variant
        Dim j As Variant
        Dim lsql As String
        Dim Auditor as String
        Dim Auditee as String
        Group = [Forms]![frmAddAudittoPlan].[cboGroup].[Value]
        Year = Me.txtYear
        Quarter = Me.cboQuarter.Value
        strSQL = "INSERT INTO dbo_tbl_Audit (Group_Name, ScheduledQuarter, ScheduledYear) Values ('" & Group & "', " & Quarter & ", " & Year & ");"
        CurrentDb.Execute strSQL, dbFailOnError
    	For Each i In Me!lstAuditors.ItemsSelected
    		Auditor = Me!lstAuditors.ItemData(i)
    		lsql = "INSERT INTO dbo_jntbl_AuditToAuditor (Audit_ID, Auditor_ID) Values ("SELECT @@Identity", '" & Auditor & "')
    		CurrentDb.Execute lsql , dbFailOnError
    		Next i
    	For Each j In Me!lstAuditee.ItemsSelected
    		Auditor = Me!lstAuditee.ItemData(j)
    		lsql = "INSERT INTO dbo_jntbl_AuditToAuditor (Audit_ID, Auditor_ID) Values ("SELECT @@Identity", '" & Auditee & "')
    		CurrentDb.Execute lsql , dbFailOnError
    		Next j
    	MsgBox ("Audit Plan Added")
    	End If
    Exit Sub
            MsgBox "Error: " & Err.Description
    End Sub
    DECLARE @ID int
    INSERT INTO tbl_Audit (Group_Name, ScheduledQuarter, ScheduledYear, AuditStatus) Values ('Call Center', '4','2157', 'Pending')
    set @ID = SCOPE_IDENTITY()
    insert into jntbl_AuditToAuditor(Audit_ID,Auditor_ID) values(@ID, '')
    insert into jntbl_AuditToAuditor(Audit_ID,Auditor_ID) values(@ID, '')
    IF @@TRANCOUNT > 0
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    I would use a stored procedure that would create the row (INSERT INTO...) and return the Identity value of the new row.

    Otherwise you can use a query that would return the TOP (or MAX) value from the table but in a multi-user environment there is no garanty that it will be the Identity value of the row you created.
    Have a nice day!

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