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    Unanswered: Single package bind with two different DB2 Databases

    I have a requirement where i need to write one cobol db2 program which need to access two different db2 databases on two different DB2 sub system.
    That means, i have 2 select sql queries in a single cobol program to read 2 different tables lying in 2 different databses.

    Can anybody tell me if it will create any issue during bind? Since, i will have one package i am not sure if it is possible to bind one single package accessing 2 different tables in 2 different databses. I need you expert thoughts on this as quick as possible.


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    you need todo the bind against each database
    you have to specify an option to ignore the errors and continue (depending on source platform and target platform) because some objects might not be available on both databases and packages should be created on both db
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    Thanks a ton!!. Can you please let me know what parameters are needed to ignore the errors and continue? Also, will this parameter will override all the errors or just the error due to having 2 databases? I mean to say, suppose i have two databse db11 and db12 and i am trying to bind db11. Now i only want to ignore the error i may get due to db12 sql stuffs in my package. If there is any other true errors in db11 sqls i do not want to continue. Looking for your expert thoughts.

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