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    Exclamation Unanswered: Oracle PL/SQL error

    Hi, I'm new to oracle pl/sql

    would like to get help on resovling the error mentioned below.

    ORA-06502: PL/SQL numerical value error
    char string buffer too small.

    select 'A' log, X.log_id, A.Business_keys, A.system_timestamp, A.COMPONENT_NAME,
    xmltype(dbms_lob.substr(X.message, dbms_lob.instr(X.message,'</Payload>') - dbms_lob.instr(X.message,'<Payload>')+10,dbms_lob. instr(X.message,'<Payload>'))) message
    FROM XML_MESSAGES X, audit_log A
    WHERE x.LOG_ID =

    your help would be much appreciated

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    You get this ora error ora-06502 when you attempt to assign a value to a PL/SQL variable which is not big enough for it.

    1st try this :

    Run this before you run your PL/SQL

    SQL > set serveroutput on buffer 2560000

    if it works then fine else :

    update table "audit_log" by increasing the maximum length of the text field that is causing exception "component_name" in ur case.and then re-compile depending modules and check out that all your code works fine with longer values.

    Best Regards,

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