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    Unanswered: Access 2010 Web-compatible - update textbox field value with combobox selection

    Good afternoon,

    Working with Access 2010 web database which will be published to sharepoint.
    I wish to make a combox selection which will display a number in a separate textbox.
    I would normaly use this code, in the textbox's control source :
    or perhaps
    Me!textbox.Text = Me!combobox.Column(1)
    But it is not working at all. At best I receive an error message telling me my form is not web-compatible.

    I attempted the macro route, thinking I could use the "settempvar" option but it seems that there are a lot of functions missing when in the web compatible mode. furthermore when I go in the expression builder, where my loaded form is located, then select my combobox name, I only have columncount, columnheads, columnwidth ; nowhere to select my combox selection value.

    If I could obtain help on how to accomplish my goal I would greatly appreciate it,

    thank you


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    Pulling my hair out with the same issue

    I too am running into the same issue. It was easy enough to just pop in the VB to make everything work exactly as I wanted until Access 2010 came along.

    If anyone can please tell us how to make our text box value equal a specific column from a combobox on a web form, that would be wonderful to me and my ever thinning hair.

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    I know this comes a couple of years after the initial inquiry, but I believe I have found a solution to this Access 2010 problem. I used the following code in the On Update action of my combobox (using VBA) and got the desired result. I am building a quote configurator as the names of the controls suggest.

    QuoteLinePrice.Value = QuoteLineItem.Column(BoundColumn + 3)

    Change the names of the controls to the names for your controls, of course. I don't know why it worked this way as it basically does the same thing.

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