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    Unanswered: Easy conditional formatting question

    I have a bunch of dates.

    I've made it so they are highlighted in red if the date has been passed.

    I used:

    field value is less than or equal to date()

    the fields show up red, but only those with a DAY before today, and with no consideration of the month and year (ie. todays the 19th, all days before that are red regardless of year and month)


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    Nevermind, turns out the fields have to be date and not text

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chromatic View Post
    Nevermind, turns out the fields have to be date and not text
    store data in the correct datatype
    numbers in anyone of the numeric datatypes
    dates and or times as date/time

    the reason
    if you store them as text then when you try to sort or use specific fucntions you will have problems

    the classic symptoms are rows sorted as 1,10,11,12,2,20,21......,8,9
    or as you have proved not storing date time data correctly.
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