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Thread: Bufferpool size

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    Unanswered: Bufferpool size

    In Linux and Unix the default buffer pool size is 1,000 4K pages. And in Windows it 250 4K pages in size.

    This means in Linux / Unix the buffer pool size is 4Meg and in windows it is just 1Meg.

    My questions.

    1. I would think these sizes seem very small. Why are they so small?
    2. Why is the default size for Windows so much smaller than Linux / Unix?

    Many thanks.

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    These are the defaults going all the way back to 1990 with very first release of DB2 on OS/2 OS (and later AIX and Windows). Servers were not very big then.

    Now the default is -2, which means it will be managed by STMM. You can google STMM to find out what that is about.
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