java.sql.SQLException: Problems with loading native library/missing methods: no ttJdbcCS1121 in java.library.path
at com.timesten.jdbc.JdbcOdbcConnection.connect(JdbcO
at com.timesten.jdbc.TimesTenDataSource.getConnection (
at com.sapient.Test.main(

This is the java code

try {
// The newInstance() call is a work around for some
// broken Java implementations

Class.forName("com.timesten.jdbc.TimesTenDriver"). newInstance();

} catch (Exception ex) {
// handle the error

public static void main(String[] args) {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub

Connection conn=null;
try {

TimesTenDataSource ds = new TimesTenDataSource();
ds.setUser("root"); // User name to log in to TimesTen.
ds.setPassword("admin"); // Password to log in to TimesTen.

Connection conn1= ds.getConnection();

// Please help soon

Shah Imran Alam