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    Unanswered: Tiger Logic D3 corruption

    We use a medical claims software program named FACTS. They apparently use D3 as a database. We aren't sure how it happened but two hard drives failed simultaneously corrupting the data file. It is CRITICAL that we get this file back.

    Can anyone on the forum recommend the very best vendor for repairing this file. We've set it on our FTP for pick up.

    Thanks for the help in this matter.

    My best,

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    Hi Paul,

    I may be able to assist you with this as I specialise in Pick and D3. If I cannot help you then I probably know of someone who can.

    In the first instance I would recommend getting in touch with the vendor of your software application for their support. If they cannot help you I would suggest getting in touch with Tiger Logic for assistance. Since I am not sure of your geography you can find the nearest contact office at the following link:

    TigerLogic Corporation - Corporate Contact Information

    If you tell me your location I can also probably give you details of your nearest D3 reseller as they could probably also provide you with excellent support.

    If all else fails I would be happy to have a look at the file for you myself. Get in touch directly if you want me to take a look for you.

    Kind Regards

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