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    Unanswered: dbms_scheduler_job disabled after running

    I have the user 'ORAASFS' and it has some batch dbms_scheduler_job that is delete old record base on date and data size.
    this is running everyday almost midnight and running well.
    The problem is if I check in the afternoon about these 'jobs' every 'jobs' is disabled and I have to enable by hand all the 'scheduler jobs'. I think normal it is fine and on some days it is disabled by some other factor.

    What can be disable 'scheduler job' on specific day?
    Or is it disabled after it running OK?

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    >What can be disable 'scheduler job' on specific day?
    >Or is it disabled after it running OK?

    you have a mystery & we have NO clues.
    post SQL & results that show this job is disabled.
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    I found about option

    I put the max runs and max failures parameter to my scheduler jobs.
    I think I put both then resulted disabled after specific running time.

    I removed max runs and changed to 0, that mean unlimited.
    and I will see if it's disabled.
    if it doesn't over to max failures, I guess I will fine about scheduler jobs.

    Thank you.
    Some times asking is compromise my thinking and I figure it out what I was wrong.
    I hope this scheduler job article is helpful to you.

    Thank you.

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