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Company: Norvax, Inc. (Top 10 Fastest Growing Software Company in Inc. 500)
Job Title: MySQL Database Administrator
Reports To: Vice President of Technology
Pay: Depends on Experience, $85-135k

A mid-sized, fast growing Internet technology company is seeking an energetic and hardworking MySQL DBA with experience installing, configuring, managing, and tuning large MySQL database environments with four or more database servers in a replication configuration. This employee will be responsible for maintaining the existing database server environment, managing backups and high availability, and helping prepare for fast growth of both data and concurrent transactions. The employee will have around-the-clock support of third-party DBAs and systems administrators, but some off-hours work may be required to oversee major maintenance that cannot be done during the day. As the database administration tasks may not be a fulltime job, this employee will also be expected to assist in Linux administration, virtualization management, networking support, and other common systems administration tasks. Management opportunities exist depending on experience. Excellent opportunity for fast growth and taking on more responsibilities.

Key Responsibilities
* Overseeing everything related to the MySQL database infrastructures in both the test and production environments. This includes setup, management, maintenance, backups, monitoring, high availability, tuning, etc.
* Making hardware recommendations and purchases for database growth needs
* Supporting the DBA needs of over 20 Java developers who are building and maintaining several web-based applications and websites
* Helping support ad-hoc reporting needs of the organization
* Assisting with Linux administration, networking, and virtualization tasks
* Managing third-party DBAs and systems administrators and maximizing their efficiency

* Minimum B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent
* Minimum 4 years of experience as a MySQL DBA or equivalent
* Experience installing, configuring, and maintaining MySQL versions 5.0 to 5.5 in a critical production environment
* Experience setting up and maintaining MySQL statement-based replication
* Extensive experience with the InnoDB storage engine
* Experience with various MySQL backup strategies (mysqldump, snapshots, etc.)
* Experience with MySQL monitoring and server performance tuning
* Experience in relational database schema design
* Extensive experience in SQL and query optimization
* At least 3 years of Linux (preferably Red Hat or CentOS) administration experience
* Basic experience in software programming or shell scripting (bash, perl, ruby, python)
* Excellent communication, organization, and time management skills

Nice to Haves
* MySQL DBA certification (performance tuning certification a big plus)
* Experience with MySQL row-based and mixed replication
* Experience with Multi-Master Replication Manager for MySQL (MySQL MMM)
* Experience using DRBD for MySQL high availability
* Experience with setting up a disaster recovery implementation using MySQL replication over the WAN to a secondary data center
* Experience with data warehousing design and implementation
* Experience managing other DBAs or systems administrators
* Experience managing virtualized environments (VMware vSphere 4.x a big plus)
* Ability to support and troubleshoot Operating System and Java-based application issues
* Experience setting up and managing web and application servers (e.g., Apache, Tomcat)
* Experience in managing MTAs such as Postfix and Qmail
* Experience setting up and maintaining server and application monitoring with Nagios
* Experience building out and maintaining iSCSI SANs (EqualLogic a big plus)
* Experience building and maintaining IP-based networks, VPNs, and associated physical topologies (Cisco, Juniper, F5, and Sonicwall all a big plus)
* Software development experience (Java a big plus)