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    Unanswered: Database Organization

    First post here.

    I am fairly new to databases, I have written a few queries but nothing too fancy.

    I am looking to create a database of restaurants in my city and was wondering how to organize it. The fields I am thinking about are:
    [Location] --> Should I have separate fields for [city, state, zip and street number]?
    [Avg Entree Price]
    [Reservations accepted]
    [order online]
    [Features (kid friendly, wifi, etc)]
    So each restaurant in my database would have those fields. Is this the correct way to do this?

    I would envision a query like (pseudo code)

    SELECT from restaurant where 'Avg entree price' = 10 & CUISINE=indial & DELIVERY=yes WHERE neighborhood = southside

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    let talk as per your table column wise.

    Location Column

    as per your location column in the table,i will suggest to take different field for city,state and street number.

    Avg Entree Price

    it will be better if you take this in different column .coz may be your entry fee will be different in future .so take this column in different table with effetive date.

    in this way you need to think about your database and analysis the database and use normilization concept in your database.

    Hope it help

    All the best

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