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    Unanswered: Connecting to SQL Developer

    Hi all,
    i have installed Oracle 10 g Exp Edition in my stand alone system.
    I want to connect through SQL Developer tool.
    Can any one please tell me the steps involved in "how to connect to the Oracle 10 g Exp Edition from Oracle SQL Developer Tool ".

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Hi Arvind,
    Its nice to hear that you are using Oracle Developer tool.
    You have two option do create connectivity from D2k/6i or any oracle developer tool.
    1) Through Wizard , by using Oracle Net8 easy config. When you run this wizard it ask your computer name or IP

    2) Second , Manually you can change in tnsnames.ora file.
    You can get tnsnames.ora from home of Developer Tool -> network ->admin

    Happy to use developer tool

    Manoj Kumar

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    Manoj, it is not Developer Suite (D2K or 6i or whichever version you thought), but SQL Developer.

    Arvind, it is all described in User's Guide. Did you read it?

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    Dear Arvind,
    You can connect sql developer tool by using the following step.

    1 . Open Oracle SQL Developer.
    2. In the Connections navigator, right-click Connections and select New Connection
    3. Enter the Connection Name like (HR_ORCL) or any other name that identifies your connection, Username(LIKE hr) and Password (like HR) , specify your localhost(database ip address or database computer name) for the Hostname and enter ORCL for the SID (or which ever is your SID nane) . Click Test

    Getting Started With Oracle SQL Developer

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