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    Unanswered: problem in creating database

    Hello all!!
    I'm novice to access 2007 and have been assigned to do a database. The database required user to key in (a)item issued and (b)item scrapped by the staffs in testing laboratory.
    The first user interface for (a) will be having details like date issued, person who in charge of issued, part no, quantity issued, from location and part description.
    The second user interface for (b) also contains details similiar to the above.

    My database need to calculate the current part on hand.

    So, how am i gonna to start to do my database? I need some guidance on that.
    Thanks in advance!!
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    i have tried out myself and get the current part on hand.
    However, i could not fulfill the criteria that allows user to add multiple records into item issued and item scrapped seperately in two different forms(user interface).

    here's my database: 2shared - download try a.rar

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