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    Unanswered: Max number of columns , rows, performance in DB2 v9.1

    can u guys help me to find Maximum number of columns, rows can a table hold?
    how many max columns, rows can a view have ?
    will it create any performance issues ?
    what kind of performance issues will a DB exhibit?
    how many tables can be created at max?

    my DB2 v9.1

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    SQL Limits here

    DB2 Database for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

    Regarding performance issues, the answer is, as usual - 'It depends' . I don't think you will get any meaningful response reg this.
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    Thank u so Much !!!
    I have enough details from the link u have provided for SQL limits

    Let me explain u a scenario based on that could u please tell me any sort of performance issues?
    If there is a data of 500MB which needs to processed and put it in 20 tables and each table may have at max 30
    columns, with primary keys , foreign keys etc
    each column is individual and there is no repetition
    On some condition the datas are inserted into the tables
    while fetching the data, to form a single record i need to query all the 20 tables with keys
    if suppose some 10,000 records(or more) are needed to be displayed then in such case
    will there be any performance issues like DB hit or table hit or any other thing ?
    can u please explain?

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    all depends on the SQL being run, the supporting indexes for the tables in question, the amount of memory on the machine, the usage of the machine.
    I can tell you that many of us are dealing with millions of rows in multi-gigabyte if not terabyte databases and lots of users on a daily basis. The database you are describing is way on the small side and if designed properly and used properly it should be quite fast.

    Dave Nance

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    Thank u so much for the reply!!!

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